• How to Fit Your Helmet

  • Think Before You Ride - Always Wear A Helmet

    Many people enjoy Colorado for its beautiful mountains, rushing rivers and rugged trails. Whether you are skier, snowboarder, rafter, biker or climber, it is always important to wear a helmet. Many brain injuries incurred during sports could be prevented by wearing a helmet that is properly fitted.

    • Every new helmet must meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Standard and display a
      label stating that it meets the standard. On older helmets, look for a CPSC, ASTM1, ANSI2, or Snell3
      sticker inside the helmet.
    • Use foam pads inside to fit the helmet snugly so it doesn't move on the head.
    • Fit the helmet so the front is two finger widths above the eyebrows.
    • Adjust the two side straps so they meet in a "V" under each ear.
    • Adjust the chin strap snugly under the chin. Make it tight enough so the helmet pulls down when you open your mouth.
    • Check often to make sure straps stay snug and the helmet stays level on the head. After all, if you care enough to buy a helmet, make sure you get the most protection possible!



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